About Jhiri Mela Jammu

The festivities during the mela last for a week with the main day of the fair being held on Karthik Purnima. People pay obeisance at the Baba Jittoo temple and seek his blessings and the blessings of his daughter Bua Kouri, who as per the legend also took her life by jumping on her father's funeral pyre. People also take a customary dip in the Baba-da-Talab (Pond), a natural pond four kms from the temple which is believed to have curative powers.

The mela is organized by the district administration in collaboration with locals of the area. In this mela lakhs of people come from different parts of the country especially from the neighboring states irrespective of caste, creed and religion to pay obeisance to Bawa Jitto Ji. The devotees take bath (holy dip) in at Bawe Ka Talab on purnima night followed by darshan at main temple Jhiri. It is believed that bawa jitto ji sacrificed his life on the heap of grains at the place which is presently known as bawe ka talab and his pyre was lit at the place, where a temple has been constructed. The daughter of Bawa Jitto ji known as Bua Kodi also sacrificed her life by jumping on the burning pyre.

The main attraction of the mela is special theatrical performance by the local artists depicting the life and sacrifice of Bawa Jitto Ji. District Administration takes special measures to make this mela a big success . A chain of events like sports activities, local folk songs , plays , dangal are organized by the district administration in collaboration with the locals. All the departments are asked to make arrangements for their stalls to show cause departmental achievements for the education and information of the visitors. The main departments who participate and put up their stalls are agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, animal husbandry and rural developments etc. Besides the tourism department also distribute literature and other information for the benefit of tourists. It is believed that the devotees visit Mata Vaishno Devi after paying the obeisance to Bawa Jitto Ji at Jhiri

Farmers and Mela - This Jhiri Mela is also called as the Farmer's fair as it is celebrated to worship the holy soul of the farmer named Baba Jitto. This fair also creates a significant selling outlet for the sugarcane crop, which is conveyed by most of the visitors and farmers to the Mela. It is a big occasion for an outing of the family and is particularly rejoiced by children and women. There are numerous stalls loaded with a range of eye-catching goods i.e.from pottery and vases,to toys,utensils and books. Lasts almost a week, dances and songs are also organized and a range of local foods are there. There are a number of other activities which includes cultural programs and local rustic sporting occasions such as wrestling.